Lufthansa & Condor Launches New Flights to Greece for 2020

The 2 airlines will increase their presence in Greece next year. Condor and Lufthansa have both scheduled additional flights to the Greek islands for Summer 2020.

Greece Voted Best Beach Destination for 2020

Greece came first recently on the list of the best beach destinations for 2020 in a vote of Russia’s National Geographic Traveler magazine and website.

2 People Dead as Cyclone GYRIONIS hits Greece

The Greek Coast Guard said that 2 people had been killed after their moored sailboat sank in Antirio, western Greece, as a result of the severe weather.

Greek Students Create device that Stops Trembling of Parkinson

Students from Thessaloniki University, created “Tremor FreeMe,” which focuses on reducing and even eliminating trembling symptoms in Parkinson.

Cyclon with Bad Weather to hit Greece tomorrow – 20/11/2019

Greece Weather warning: Heavy rainfalls, thunderstorms, and …warm seas!

Stefanos Tsitsipas Wins Biggest Title – ATP Final

Greek tennis sensation Stefanos Tsitsipas won the biggest title of his career so far beating Austria’s Dominic Thiem in the final of ATP finals 2-1 sets in London.

Hurricane VICTORIA to hit Greece from Tomorrow

Greece must brace itself for a new storm!

Rare Weather Phenomenon Called a “Roll Cloud” spotted in Athens

A spectacular weather phenomenon called a “roll cloud” was spotted north of Athens by a group of amateur meteorologists as rainstorms hit Athens.

Agios Dimitrios – Thessaloniki’s Beloved Patron Saint

St Dimitrios is one of the most popular Christian saints across the Orthodox Christian world, with millions of people bearing his name, in all of its variations.

October and Still Summer in Greece ☼ 30ºC

The weather in Greece has been more reminiscent of June than October, as temperatures remain high and glorious sun continues to shine all across the country.

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