Dream Job: GREEK ISLAND will Pay You to Live There

The local Island authorities will provide each family with a monthly stipend of €500 ($572), free accommodations & even free food :-)

Lagana, Halvas & Taramas, The Greek Delicacies of the Clean Monday

Lagana, halvas, and taramas, otherwise known as “the Koulouma,” are the official foods of the first day of Lent in Greece, a day known as “Clean Monday.”

10 Greek Islands with amazing Beaches

From the exquisite Red Beach of Santorini to the untouched Paleokastritsa Beach of Corfu Island – this is Greek beaches guide worth bookmarking!

Greece has been named as one of the Safest Destinations in the World for travellers in 2019

Greece has made the list of the 20 safest countries in the mind of travellers and according to Freitag, the country can take a lot of advantage from that!

Tsiknopempti: All about “Fat Thursday” in Greece

The day Greeks eat large amounts of grilled meat...

100 year-old Bridge collapses in CRETE as torrential rain floods Chania and Rethymno (video)

The Keritis Bridge in Chania (Crete Island) had been in place for over 100 years and had been a part of the history and transportation of the area!

Greece promises Full Protection of British people Rights in Case of No-Deal Brexit

Greece’s Foreign Minister George Katrougalos sent an official letter to his British counterpart Jeremy Hunt on Wednesday.

The Greek Roots of Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston was born Joanna Anastasakis. The famous Hollywood actress is the daughter of the Greek actor John Aniston (84).

Baklava: The delicious Dessert that Greeks & Turks fighting over Origins

Greeks and Turks have been at each other’s throats for centuries over many different things, but a rivalry seldom mentioned revolves around the origins of baklava.

Paros voted Best Island in Europe for 2019

The beautiful Greek island of Paros (Cyclades), which was recently labeled as the best island in Europe for 2019 by Travel + Leisure magazine!

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