On 9/11 2001, 2 planes flew into the World Trade Center in NYC. As the buildings collapsed, the St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church was buried.

The building that came to house the St. Nicholas Church was built in 1832.Originally built as a private dwelling, it was turned into a tavern and later a church in 1919 when five greek immigrant families raised US $25,000 to buy the tavern.
The church was named after the patron saint of sailors, as it was the first stopping point for many Greek immigrants after they left Ellis Island.For 85 years, the St. Nicholas Church stood at 155 Cedar St, New York City, before the most shocking terrorist attack happened, changing America and the world forever.
No one was inside the church during the September 11 attack, as a committee member were able to escape minutes before the tower came crashing down.

A devastating number of 2,753 people were killed, including 36 Greek-Americans. On the 17th anniversary, we remember those who lost their lives in the tragedy.