Ekaterini “Katerina” Karnarou, considered to be the oldest woman in Greece, celebrated the milestone of her 114th birthday among family and friends.

Kornarou was born in Grylos, a village on Greece’s Peloponnesian Peninsula, in 1905. Before her birthday, we visited her home, where she lives today with her numerous family members, including hone great-great-grandchild.
Her life, which spans the entirety of Greece’s modern history, was not an easy “I went through a lot of difficulties, but I was in company of good people,”.
She was initially rejected as a bride by her husbands’ family, and a trick, which was commonly used, was needed so that she could marry the man she loved.

“We had an amazing marriage; but he died young though, and I was left alone to raise our children,” she says, noting that her husband’s family finally did accept her.