The weather in Greece has been more reminiscent of June than October, as temperatures remain high and glorious sun continues to shine.

Most coastal areas along the mainland, and nearly all of the Greek islands, are still enjoying summer conditions, and the fortunate tourists who took the risk of visiting Greece during off-peak season are enjoying the glorious weather.
Normally Greece experiences a definite chill in the air at this time of year, in early autumn, and it can be a bit gloomy — by Greek standards.
Seawater temperatures remain high at most of the country’s beaches, with Corfu, an island with traditionally colder weather than other parts of Greece, still enjoying sea temperatures of up to 22 degrees Celsius (71.6 degrees F).

Thousands of tourists are still traveling to Rhodes, Crete, Zakynthos and scores of other beautiful Greek destinations, as last-time offers from Europe’s largest airline companies offer the chance for many Northerners for a quick, enjoyable October trip to Greece, away from Northern Europe’s already-cold weather.