On Saturday, in Athens, the thermometer will show 35 degrees Celsius while in Western Greece 38 degrees Celsius.

The temperature will reach 36°C in Athens on Sunday, while in western parts of the mainland the thermometer will show 38-39 degrees.From Monday the temperature rises even further. The forecast of meteorologists shows 37 °C in Athens and 39th C in the continents.
On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, the thermometer in several parts of the continent will exceed 40 degrees Celsius!Specifically on Tuesday, in Athens the temperature will reach 38°C and locally in regions of the mainland 40°C. On Wednesdays and Thursdays meteorological data shows temperatures in the capital of 40°C and 42°C locally in the mainland.
The scenery of the weather is changing from Friday, when a gradual drop in temperature is expected with the meltemia being strengthened. It is noteworthy that by Tuesday, prevailing in the Aegean, north winds of at least 5 beaufort.