What would you say if someone asks you how it looks like the island that Dionysus was born and raised? You would probably answer: cheerful, singing and dancing.
A white touch to the turquoise waters of the Aegean, Naxos is a unique blend of historic heritage and extraordinary beaches and the largest one of the Cyclades.
In front of the harbor, the islet with the unusual and unique in the entire Aegean monument dedicated to God Apollo “Portara” magnetizes the visitor’s eye…From the village of Apiratethos from marble with its unique beauty to the vivid and bustling capital, Naxos is always full of life and secret places to discover.The gorgeous beaches and the whitewashed Kididos that is surrounded by green and the countless Venetian towers is a view that you will definitely enjoy.
At sunset, the view of the island with the sea in the distance, breathtaking. Beyond the others, Naxos was one of the few educational centers of the Mediterranean and formed many important authors, like Kazantzakis.