Tax inspectors paid a visit to the high end restaurant at Platis Gialos on the island of Mykonos that was shamed on internet for over-charged prices.

Inspectors have reportedly found not one, not two but 12 tax violations.
The denouncement that a group of US tourists paid 836€ for 6 portions of calamari, 6 beers & 3 salads did not draw the attention of internet users only but also of the Interdependent Authority of Public Revenues.
Reason for the tax officers to pay a visit to the restaurant was the receipt the tourists posted on travel platform tripadvisor.It was a receipt for an order and not a regular legal receipt with its tax number, the Value Added Tax calculation and other essential data.
Inspectors have reportedly seized the hard disk of the cash register in order to check whether the restaurant has issued a regular receipt for the 836 bill but also for “bills” other disappointed tourists had posted on tripadvisor.

According to a report, the tax inspectors discovered 12 tax violations. As investigation continues, the fines for the restaurant are reportedly still due. Depending on the tax violations, it could be closed for a couple of days.