An American tourist visiting Mykonos earlier in May took to social media to protest the high prices charged at a restaurant on this cosmopolitan Greek island.

Writing on the “Trip Advisor” website, the erstwhile diner complained that the restaurant, situated in Platis Gialos, “is a rip off.”
He said that his dining party was charged 830 euros for six portions of kalamari, six beers and three salads.”This place is a trap,” he reported, adding that the staff refused to provide a menu — or even prices, to the diners.
According to his receipt, 1 portion of kalamari cost 98€, 1 glass of tomato juice was an unreal 18€ and 2 bottles of plain water cost the extortionate price of 17€.Other visitors to Mykonos shared their horror stories of the extortionate prices charged in some restaurants and bars there.
For example, another tourist posted a receipt where the  traditional Greek dish Moussaka cost almost 20 euros and the simple but honest tzatziki was 9,8 euros. A single Coca Cola drink was charged at a whopping 15 euros.