The stuffed body of the famous pelican (Petros) of Mykonos Island is lying dusty and neglected in a storage room at the local Folklore Museum!

Petros is considered to be part of the modern history of the Island.After being run over by a car in December 1985, the bird was transferred for treatment to Thessaloniki, but despite heroic efforts by vets, he did not survive.
At that time the local authorities had decided to embalm the body of the pelican.Petros became part of the history of Mykonos in 1958, when he was found injured off the coast of the island by a local fisherman. He was nursed back to health.
He has been photographed along with some of the most famous names and with millions of tourists who had vacationed on the cosmopolitan island of Mykonos.
The most famous photo is with Jackie Kennedy-Onassis; who donated another pelican that was named Irene to the island, after Petros died. The glory days are long gone for Petros. Today, there are three pelicans living in Mykonos one of which was also named “Petros”, in honor of his famous ancestor.