A heartbreaking letter has been written by the mother of 13-year-old Evita and 11-year-old Andrea, who lost her two children and husband to the deadly fires.

In such tragic circumstances, Evita, jumped from a height of 15 meters to save herself from the fires, along with her 54-year-old father and her brother.
The words of the devastated mother are absolutely heart wrenching: “I’m trying to be like my girl, who was always so strong and proved that in so many ways.
I know that Grigoris would have done his best to save them. Not being able to do it was simply the will of the Lord. I hear in my ears my Andreas’ sweet voice, “I’m afraid, I’m very worried, but you do not need to come here Mum. I don’t want you to come, everything is closed you won’t make it.”

I tried to reach them, four hours trying to get closer but I couldn’t. I have no words. I have lost everything. Hug your children every day.“