Balos Beach – Crete Island

Located in Kissamos area of Crete, Balos is small peninsula-island connected with the main island of Crete through one of the most beautiful beaches of Greece.

The waters are shallow and pristine, making for a perfect atmosphere to relax.

Seychelles Beach – Ikaria

Seychelles is one of the magical beaches of Greece that are a little hidden. To reach it you have to go through a small arch of rocks.

This is the official gate to the beach.

Voutoumi Beach – Antipaxos

Voutoumi is yet another unspoiled beach of Greece that many people don’t know about, despite it having been nominated and won several awards for beautiful beaches by different travel magazines.

Saint Pauls Bay – Lindos, Rhodes Island

The gorgeous bay is said to be the place the apostle with the same name landed on during a storm. This unique beach appears as if it’s surrounded by rocks forming a natural pool but this is all due to the angle of the photo.

There is in fact a small passage which connects it to the sea.

Sarakiniko Beach – Milos Island

Yet another peculiar “beach”. The truth is there’s not a lot of sand and it’s mostly made of white rocks but there’s beauty even in that.

A favourite spot for people who love clear waters and dislike the sand. Also for those who like to dive from rocks.

Porto Katsiki Beach – Lefkada Island

The gorgeous beach of Porto Katsiki is one of the most visited by tourists, making it one of the most popular beaches in Greece.

Petani Beach – Kefalonia

Petani Beach is the hidden treasure of Kefalonia.

This beautiful Greek Island is big and there are a lot of good places to swim in it, one of which being one of the best beaches in the World.

Elafonissi Beach – Crete Island

Elafonissi beach is known for its pink sand which makes it stand out from the rest of the beaches with soft sand.

Just like Balos, it’s a favourite of people who love relaxing near the shallow waters.

Myrtos Beach – Kefalonia Island

Myrtos Beach is one of the whitest beaches of Greece and one of the best in the world. It’s the one we were talking about on #7.

Navagio Beach – Zakynthos Island

Navagio (Shipwreck) is a paradise for beaches. Its name means shipwreck which refers to the ship that can be found on the beach.

There are 2 walls on its side of the beach making it look like a narrow passage into the blue sea. It’s also a popular spot for extreme activities such as base jumping.