The oldest bear in Greece has died in the wildlife refuge of the Greek environmental organization, named Arcturos, in northern Greece.The organization announced that ‘Mitsos’, died of natural causes at the age of 29. Bears in the wild rarely live longer than 20 years.
The bear was seized from his owners in Peloponnese, in 1992 following complaints that he was exploited for profit as he was used as a ‘dancer’ entertaining.Because of his continuous attempts to escape, was given the nickname “Runaway”.
In 1993 he was transferred to Arcturos where he initially underwent dental treatment; due to teeth problems that were caused by bad diet, and the inappropriate conditions of captivity.

Mitsos, weighing 250 kg, was a gentle giant, says Arcturos in a press release. There were no problems in his co-existence with other bears, the organization notes.