The monasteries at Meteora are located atop massive stone pillars, that according to one legend, were dropped from heaven, as they seem to have risen from nowhere.

Matter and stones from the northern parts of Central Europe were brought by the river, and came to rest in the estuary.When geological changes took place tens of millions of years ago, the water in the estuary was emptied and the stones emerged and shaped the stones into the form they are today.
In the 11th century that the peaks of Meteora were inhabited by Byzantine monks.The first monasteries, were built several centuries later. One way of escaping this earthly chaos that happened during the 14th century was to live away from urban centers.
The popularity of this lifestyle may be seen in the number of monasteries built at Meteora alone. It is said that by 1500, 24 monasteries were built at Meteora. At present however, only six of these buildings are left, but there are still monks that decide to live this way.