Crete is full of wonders! One of the miracles of the nature that can be found in the magical island of Crete is its caves.Before paying a visit to this beautiful place, you should know a few things about the place that is called Matala.
Matala was the most popular spot on the island of Crete in the decade of 1960. It was the decade of hippies, who wanted to change the world and provide a different perspective of life to the world.The hippies were not the only ones here in the caves, though. According to scientific evidence, there were prehistoric inhabitants, who sculpted the rocks of the area during the Neolithic Age.
Through the times and after the Roman occupation, these carved rocks were turned into graves.
Behind the naked stories of the hippies of 1960s, we can understand that there is a deeper meaning.

The “children of the earth” wanted to find the meaning of their life here, because nature had transformed the ground into a miracle; its caves. Matala is worth a visit. Therefore, do not lose more time. Come here and explore yourself these wonders!