Maria Menounos is feeling a lot of agape (love) toward her parents following her traditional wedding in the Greek village of Akovo of her father’s birth.

The popular TV personality and author, who married Keven Undergaro on Saturday.Menounos posted a black-and-white photo dancing with her dad at the wedding.
“Love my dad so much,” she captioned the post. “This was a dream for him. He was born and raised in Akovos. Though he’s the proudest American you will find, he is also equally proud of his roots.”“Growing up we saved all the spare change we found on the nightclub floors we cleaned in Boston to save up and visit Greece. It meant so much to him for us to be connected to our heritage, to know the language and the traditions.
Both my parents wanted that. It took years but finally we visited in 1988. I loved it. We spent a month in Akovos and it always held a special place in my heart.

Returning to get married there was my wildest dream come true. All of our friends and family helped make it truly the most special moment of all our lives.”

Menounos revealed that her father had health problems: “My dad got so sick a week before the wedding and we almost lost him. Luckily my friends and family helped him get better all while keeping me in the dark. This is why I feel so blessed.”
“To have my parents at my wedding wasn’t easy between dad’s diabetes and mom’s cancer. I know many who weren’t as lucky and I will never take that for granted.”