Dubbed ‘Lucifer’ the heatwave is expected to hit Greece as of this week

..with temperatures expected to reach a high 43 degrees, according to the Greek National Meteorological Service.
On Sunday, temperatures reached 40-41 degrees Celsius in western Greece with Attica experiencing slightly lower temperatures of 25-38 Celsius.In eastern parts of the country, temperatures are expected to be 2-3 degrees lower. In Thessaloniki, temperatures will range between 21-38 degrees.
On Monday, the hottest regions will be the western parts of Greece with 40-41C while the rest of the country will experience temperatures between 38C to 40C.
On Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, temperatures will remain high and hover around 38 degrees Celsius, mainly over the Ionian Islands and the mainland.

This will be the third heat wave hitting Greece this summer.

Source: https://greekcitytimes.com