Off the coast between Greece and Egypt divers have discovered something that was thought to be lost a long time ago. It was said that the ancient city of Heracleion

was lost under the sea for good. Well 1200 years later, off the bay of Aboukir, this ancient City has finally been discovered.The city dates back to the 6th century BC and holds some of the most beautiful artifacts you could imagine. Take a look at this incredible city found underwater.
Things like grand statues of gods and goddesses standing well over 15 feet tall and carved out of red granite, treasures of gold and rare stones & elaborate temples.This find is enormous in the historical preservation community and has been commissioned by museums around the world.
This is an absolutely epic underwater find that has researchers scrambling to this part of the globe to learn about this incredibly beautiful Egyptian city.
The fact that this city found underwater has been left untouched underwater for so many years is an amazing factor on its own let alone being a find as big as it truly is.