A centuries-old tradition that believers call a miracle occurred again in Jerusalem in the church built over the location believed to be where Jesus was crucified.

Greek Orthodox Patriarch of Jerusalem, entered the cave-like structure where the tomb of Christ and emerged with a lit candle — known as the Holy Fire.
Hundreds of faithful that were crammed into the Church of the Holy Sepulcher cried with joy as they passed lit candles to others.
The Holy Fire symbolizes the light of the resurrection of Jesus. Special flights will take lanterns from the fire to Greece and other Orthodox Christian nations in the region.But many people discount the “miracle” as a gimmick that’s been happening for centuries in order to attract pilgrims from throughout the world and maintain Jerusalem’s status as a sacred city for Orthodox Christians.
Numerous investigations have taken place but the Greek Orthodox Church guards the practice and allows only the Patriarch to enter the tomb to recite the prayers that are claimed to ignite the candle.