Situated in a quaint bay in Lindos, in Rhodes Island, Greece, St Paul’s chapel is an extremely popular wedding venue for couples all over the World.An effigy of St Paul was discovered on the site in 1920 and in 1951 the small chapel was built on the site by the edge of the picturesque St Paul’s Bay.
The wedding ceremonies take place on the terrace in front of the white washed chapel which offers stunning views over the scenic bay. St Paul’s chapel is one of the most sought after venues in Rhodes Island and Greece.The chapel was designated a preserved monument in 1959 and the entire surrounding area of ​​Lindos was afforded status as ‘a place of special natural beauty’.
The chapel itself is described as ‘an historical and religious area of ​​absolute protection’ which has a ‘rich religious tradition that is of crucial importance for the present and the future of our country’.