John Stamos doesn’s officially consider himself a member of The Beach Boys,

but after his career as a drummer with the surf-pop pioneers for over 30 years, he still gets excited whenever he hears one of their classic hits.Stamos’s latest gig with the originators of the California Sound happens on July 4th when he hosts the 37th annual edition of the PBS staple “A Capitol Fourth,”.
Stamos has long been a part of America’s pop culture, and he reveals to Moviefone his feelings about having spent three decades as a member of his favorite band.Stamos said that to celebrate with all great American things is one of the reasons why he did this,he was trying to figure out what being an American means to us.

He said that his grandfather came over, through Ellis Island, from Greece and his name was Stamotopoulos.

Thanks to everything that this country had to offer, all the blessings of this country his is tha person his is today.

He said that we all linked by the values that we share, and by the love of this country. He also think that this is the right time for people to unite and come together on this country that we love and that we are all the same, so that is a good message.
He is also very proud about his Greek heritage and he is celebrating both sides of his Greek- American heritage. John Stamos thinks that’s what this special is going to be about and they are two different times for him and he actually truly enjoy it.