Greece must brace itself for a new storm, dubbed ”Victoria,” bringing heavy rainfall and very strong southerly winds, according to a breaking weather warning issued by the country’s national meteorological service on Monday.

The new weather front, featuring barometric lows, currently located west of Sardinia, Italy, will slowly move eastward during the day.
Beginning at approximately noon on Tuesday, November 12, ”Victoria” will bring heavy rainfall initially to western Greece, which will then spread gradually eastward to the rest of the country. The storm will affect most of the country on Wednesday.
From Thursday onwards, the inclement weather is expected to gradually subside, as the front makes its way east. The temperature is not expected to drop, however, as warm, southerly winds, which will be extremely powerful locally, will prevail both in the Ionian and the Aegean Seas.

Meteorologists warn that these conditions favor the transfer of dust and sand from the Sahara Desert, possibly causing the phenomenon called ”dust rain”.