Let’s go for a Coffee! Drinking coffee is a vital part of the Greek culture. It is not just about drinking “a Coffee”, a whole ritual goes with it.Ordering coffee in Greece is easy to do because most waiters and waitresses are able to communicate in English, especially in most tourist destinations.
If you want to order coffee in Greek though, in this post you will find some phrases that might be useful.The coffee you can find in a typical Greek cafe is Greek coffee, frappe, espresso and cappuccino (hot or cold), and filter coffee which is called French coffee.
A greek coffee sweet / medium / (enan eliniko gliko, metrio, sketo)
A double Greek coffee: Έναν ελληνικό διπλό (enan eliniko diplo)
A frappe sweet / medium / plain / with milk / with no milk
(enan frape gliko / metrio / sketo / me gala / horis gala).

An espresso / a cappuccino: (enan espresso / cappuccino)
– A double espresso: ena diplo espresso)
– A filter coffee: (enan kafe filtrou)
– If you want cold espresso or cappuccino you can add the word (freddo, cold) before the words espresso and cappuccino: A cold cappuccino: ena freddo cappuccino). You must also say whether you want your coffee sweet or plain: A cold cappuccino medium: ο (ena freddo cappuccino metrio)