Tom Hanks & Rita Willson

The famous actor Tom Hanks owns property in the small island of Antiparos. Together with his wife Rita Wilson, who is of Greek origin, wanted to own a piece of land, where they could spend their vacations.

Their house is located somewhere in Antiparos giving them the opportunity to relax in this quite summer destination.

Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts could not be out of our list, as she has a summer cottage in Patmos.

Inspired by her Buddhist beliefs she chose this island for meditating. It is not unknown that this island, the island of Patmos, is ideal for spirit relaxation.

Rechard Gere

Gere has also chosen Patmos for the same reasons as Roberts. Sharing the same religious beliefs, he also wanted a getaway from his successful career.

Sean Connery

Starring at the movie series “James Bond”, Sean Connery is considered to be one of the most successful actors at this particular role.

The secret, though to his career is also the opportunity to spend some quality time in summer. Having a house in Portocheli, Connery is always ready for more action.


The pop star of the last centuries is claimed that she would also like to have a cottage in a Greek island.

Madonna is not yet the owner of a cottage but her intention to buy one show us how famous is Greece as a travel destination to the Hollywood celebrities.

Nicole Kidman

Together with the queen of pop is Nicole Kidman, who is also looking for buying a house in a Greek island; Kefallonia or Spetses.

Bruce Willis

According to some rumors the tough guy of Hollywood, Bruce Willis, has already bought his summer cottage in the Ionian Islands.

Corfu was his choice and we cannot judge him as this Greek island combines harmonically its natural beauties with its cosmopolitan way of life.

Rowan Atkinson

Becoming worldwide famous especially due to his role as “Mr Bean”, Rowan Atkinson also owns a cottage in Andros.

For several years the famous and successful actor has been spending his summer vacations on that island of the Aegean Sea.

Anthony Quinn

A legend of the American cinema used also to have a house in the beautiful Greece. Antonio Quinn or widely known as Anthony Quinn spent his vacation here.