A heavy rainstorm in Chania, Crete, on Sunday night flooded homes and businesses, destroyed greenhouses, caused landslides and has several villages isolated.

Particularly affected are the villages Voutas, Sarakina Sklavopoula, Moustako. Selino and Vothiana. The Fire Service was called to help two people trapped in the waters; they were transferred to a safe place.
Since early morning Monday, municipality workers try to remove rocks and mud from the roads. Mayor of Kantanou-Selino, Antonis Perrakis told local media that several roads have been closed to traffic due to landslides.
Municipality teams try to make access possible again for the isolated villages, but this “is not expected to happen any time soon.” By decision of Kissamos Mayor George Mylonakis the Elementary School and Kindergarten in Elos will remain closed on Monday, November 11th, due to the high risk using the road.