Winds down, temperatures up. Or in meteorologists’ language: Beaufort decrease, Celsius increase. Weather forecasters speak of a prolonged heat wave up to 44°C.

Temperature will gradually rise over weekend & will affect initially Western Greece.
Then the hell will spread from North to the South and from East to the West.
On Sunday, August 4th… temperature up to 39° and 44° Celsius in the North – Party cloudy in central and East Aegean, where North winds blow with 6 Beaufort.Temperatures in Athens hit a blistering 40°C average on Saturday and were not expected to fall below 35°C until after 9:00 p.m. at night.
The heatwave is forecast to continue and reach its peak the middle of the week. 7-9th August, according to the Greek weather service, with average temperatures expected to rise up to 41-42°C or even higher in highly built-up areas.