Speculation about Barcelona superstar Lionel Messi buying a Greek island in the Ionian Sea came out of the blue spreading like a virus on media!However, the fact there has been no official confirmation by the Argentinian
…and that the owner of the real estate company releasing the information has been accused of spreading “fake news” minimizes the credibility of the story.The story broke when Alessandro Proto, the Italian owner of Proto Group Ltd real estate agency, announced that Messi had bought Sophia, a tiny Ionian island east of Ithaca which has been on sale since 2015.
“We can confirm that Leo Messi has bought a Greek island called Sophia,”
Proto Group said in its statement. “Leo Messi has been our client for some time and has already purchased a gorgeous penthouse in Paris through our office.”

According to Proto Group, there are numerous Greek islands for sale and plenty of footballers and Hollywood superstars have been considering investing in them.

However, according to online reports, Alessandro Proto has been notorious for spreading news about supposed high-profile customers, wanting to buy or sell properties.