George or Giorgos (Γιώργος ή Γεώργιος) is the most popular Greek male name, and the Greek Orthodox Church celebrates Saint George on April 23rd.

There are some facts and legends about the name that not everyone who goes by that name knows. Let’s see some of the most important of them:
The feast of St. George is set on April 23, the date of his passing. However, when this date falls within Lent, the feast is transferred on the second day of Easter.
The roots of the name are obviously Greek. It is from Γη and Έργο, meaning earth and work. So essentially Γεώργιος is a man who works the earth, or farmer.
As a historical person, Saint George was born in Palestine in 280 AD, the son of a Greek nobleman from Cappadocia. He became a martyr in 303 and that earned him “popularity”  in the Eastern Roman Empire.

There are millions of Greeks who answer by the first name of Giorgos.  It is followed in popularity by the names: Dimitris, Kostas, Giannis and Nikos.

In USA George is the 166nd most popular name, and it was among the 5 most popular one century ago, most likely because of first president George Washington.