The heat wave that stroke Greece has become extremely popular as the residents of the Greek cities are trying to “cool” the situation by uploading funny pictures on the net.

The situation is unbearable in many of the cities that will be mentioned below, as the temperature has reached even the 45 °C!.
In the last few days, the temperature in many Greek cities has reached an unbelievable level. The degrees are constantly increasing making the everyday life of many residents difficult.
The highest temperatures have been recorded on 30.06.2017 in the following cities:
Elefsina, West Attica: 45.3 C
Larissa, Central Greece: 44.7 C
Aspropyrgos, west Attica: 44.6 C
Spart, central Peloponnese: 44.4 C
Agioi Theodori, Corinth 44.1 C.It is unbelievable how quickly you can have your eggs ready these days! If you do not check out the videos that are online, you should definitely do. The pictures are unbelievable and they will make you feel some of the “side effects” of summer!If you are thinking to visit Greece, have in mind that the temperatures will fall eventually. You can always choose a “cool” destination: a Greek island for example!
However, if you are in a city, do not forget to cook your egg! It will be a new experience for you! Share the result on the social media to let your friends know, though!