Three students from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece have created “Tremor FreeMe,” a start-up company which focuses on reducing and even eliminating trembling symptoms in Parkinson’s disease patients.

Students Thomas Bikias, Roni Lassi and Angeliki Papathanasiou, all 23 years of age, have created a device which can be worn like a watch which helps stop the shaking of patients with Parkinson’s disease.

By effectively stopping patients’ sometimes constant tremors, the device allows them to resume their daily routines and recover their sense of well-being.
The device has achieved a reduction in patients’ trembling by sensing which muscles are inadvertently triggered, and by activating muscles which act in opposition to those, it provides stimulation which effectively stabilizes the hand.
The students are presenting a total solution to the patient’s problem since, apart from stabilizing the hand through a device which is easy to use and discreet, they have also developed an application which communicates with it.

The device is individually tailored to the needs of each patient by using artificial intelligence which reduces the frequency of tremors through the computer application.

The only question remaining is how easy is it to market something like this in Greece?