A song by Greek performer Nikos Vertis has reached almost 100 million views on YouTube since 2014, and is now the most popular Greek song.

Thelo na me nioseis (I Want You to Feel Me) is the most successful track from Vertis’ 2013 Protaseis (“Suggestions”) album.
The forty-three-year-old Vertis was born Nikolaos Vertis Arvanitidis in Gorinchem, the Netherlands, but his origin is from Galipsos, Kavala.
At the age of six, Vertis and his parents Argyris Arvanitidis and Morfoula Arvanitidi, moved to Thessaloniki, Greece and at seven, he began playing the bouzouki.By the age of 15, Vertis started getting involved with singing as well. At age 16, he moved back to the Netherlands for two years, where he attended high school.
He started singing in small clubs in Thessaloniki and other locations around the region of Macedonia before he shot to stardom. Source: greece.greekreporter.com