When most people eat a horiatiki — Greek village salad — they usually don’t think about all the health benefits that they’re receiving from eating it.

Most people just eat it because they either like the taste or they know they need to eat more vegetables. Greek salad is among the healthiest foods.
Little do they know that the Greek salad is a nutritional powerhouse; composed of some of the most nutritionally dense ingredients on the planet!
And while this type of salad is often associated with summer months (and maybe not something on your current radar if you’re living in the Midwest) you can easily enjoy and benefit from eating this type of salad all year round.hat is known as “Greek salad” is simply the salad usually eaten in the summer (the season for tomatoes, cucumbers etc).
That’s why a real “Greek salad” cannot contain lettuce, which does not grow in the summer. In winter salads usually contain cabbage and carrots, whereas in the spring they usually have lettuce and spring onions.