Police on the island of Corfu confirmed it has imposed an administrative fine of 30,000 euros to a man who poured petroleum oil on a dog, tied him at a power column and left the animal under the sun for several hours.

The 62-year-old man claimed he poured the fuel on the dog to “have flees go away,”. The man was arrested, a case file was filed and he was taken to the prosecutor.
The 6-year-old dog belonged to a man’s relative and he was taking care of him.
According to Greek legislation for the animals protection, the administrative fine of 30,000 euros is the standard fine for animal abuse.Locals in Solari village called police on Tuesday noon, after they saw the animal was tied to the power column and was obviously sick.
Animal lovers called the police, the man claimed the “getting rid of the flees”and they all ended at the police station where the animal lovers filed a lawsuit against him.

The dog was taken first to a veterinarian for a check and then to a pet salon where he had a bath, he was cleaned, the matted and polluted fur was removed.