At least 400 buses from all Greece are expected to arrive in Thessaloniki today.

The massive protest is taking place at the center of Thessaloniki (Salonica), Greece’s second largest city, on Monday at 2 pm local time.The event’s page states that the protest is not affiliated with any political parties and aims to send a clear message to FYROM to stop using Macedonia in their name.
The relatively new country that was shaped after the fall of Yugoslavia named itself ‘Republic of Macedonia’ and claims to be the continuation of the Ancient Macedonian Kingdom that flourished in Greece.
However, 70 percent Greek citizens disagree with the use of Macedonia at any new name for FYROM, according to the latest poll.
Greece and FYROM have been fighting over the Macedonia name for years but recently talks resumed again for a “composite solution that would satisfy both parties” according to UN envoy Mathew Nemetz.