The issue with the stolen marbles, which are now located in the British Museum, may not be solved but a new incident has been occurred.

Part from an ancient sarcophagus dated back 2,000 years in ancient Greece has been recovered by Manhattan prosecutors.
According to information, this artifact will be returned to Athens and it will be displayed in the National Archeological Museum.
Cyrus Vance Jr., who is a Manhattan District Attorney, decided to give back this ancient Greek masterpiece during a repatriation ceremony.
This ceremony was organizes under the protection of the Greek Consul General, whose name is Konstantinos Koutras. The part of the sarcophagus, which has been violently taken in 1988, is depicting a battle between Greek and Trojan fighters.
The part was stolen and transferred to New York after its journey across Europe.
Koutras confirmed that in the past Greece had suffered from cruel and continued smuggling of several masterpieces of great value.
He wished that attempts like that one would be continued and be extended. He was also extremely gladly to receive this artifact, which will be now returned to Greece, where it belongs.
The part of the ancient artifact has been located in an unidentified gallery in Midtown and the Manhattan prosecutors did not lose any time.
In collaboration with international investigators they made all the necessary procedures to reclaim the ancient marble piece from the unauthorized gallery.
The gallery claimed that it was unaware of the provenance of this masterpiece.
They wanted only to display the ancient Greek part of the sarcophagus but when they learnt the truth they returned the piece willingly.