As the number of tourists set to visit Greece this year is expected to set new records, exceeding the 32 million mark,

…photographs have emerged from the island of Paros depicting congestion in the port as thousands disembark from ferries.
According to the local port authority 148,385 passengers and 15,400 cars arrived in July compared to 140,007 passengers and 12,217 cars that arrived in July 2017.
These numbers correspond to an increase of 6 and 26 percent respectively.Local residents say that the island is completely packed by tourists, as tens of thousands more have arrived by air and cruise ships.
Similar scenes have been reported in many other Greek islands, such as Santorini and Mykonos where hotels are said to be completely booked.
Tourists continue to flock to Greece despite the recent deadly fires in Attica boosting tourism-related revenue higher than ever.