A gigantic Greek flag was installed recently on the slopes of a hill overlooking the island of Oinousses in the eastern Aegean, just a stone’s throw away from the Turkish coast, as a sign of defiance against continued provocations by Turkey!

Two Turkish F-16 jets flew over the barren Greek island, located only two kilometers off the north-east coast of the much larger Chios island, on Thursday.
According to Greece’s National Defense General Staff, the unauthorized overflights took place shortly before 10:30 AM, and the Turkish jets were intercepted and chased off, according to the international rules of engagement.
It took almost two months of manual labor of moving stones to a hill above the island’s main town, to lay out the parameters of the giant flag and then to paint the stones in the blue and white colors of the Greek flag.

Proudly situated on a 1.5 stremma (0.4 acre) large piece of land, the new flag can be seen clearly from Chios — and from the air.