Christina Flambouri and team mate Vanessa Archontidou plant the Greek flag at the top of Mount Denali, which is the highest peak in Alaska and all North America and the seventh-highest in the world, on July 4.

To conquer mountains you don’t need strength but “soul” according to Flambouri.Christina Flambouri is a member of the Greek Mountaineering Club of Acharnes and Vanessa Archontidou is a member of the Athens Mountaineering Club.
Both took part in a mission organised by the Hellenic Federation of Mountaineering and Climbing with two Greek men, Fotis Goudas and Giorgos Marinos.In an interview, 29-year-old Christina Flambouri said that her greatest weapons were her love of mountains but also her determination to overcome an abiding fear of heights.
In order to climb Denali, Christina also had to overcome a serious injury that she had. Denali is in the same difficulty class as Everest since there are many technical difficulties, because the climber must carry his personal and team equipment, so it is really hard.