Surprising Health Benefits of Feta Cheese: Good quality feta cheese is made primarily from sheep’s milk and sometimes goat’s milk, which is much easier on our stomachs.

Histidine and Vitamin B6 Combination: Histidine is an essential amino acid, especially for children, meaning our bodies don’t produce it and we have to get it through our diets and you can find it in feta cheese.
Buy a good feta: To choose a good quality feta cheese you must buy certified organic and watch out for yellowing. High Protein Content: We need protein to repair cells and make new ones, and for proper immune function and eating feta is really helpful.
Moderation is Still Key: Despite all of its nutritional positives, feta is still cheese, and a salty one, so you can add it to pizzas, to a salad, pita, bruschetta bread, or try some along with fresh fruit!