A VIRAL VIDEO has captured the terrifying moment a Greek ferry ship carrying hundreds of tourists burst into flames, forcing passengers to evacuate it.

The viral video captured the moment the huge tourist boat burst into flames…
The Greek ferry, which was carrying more than 1,000 people at the time, was travelling from a port near Athens to Crete when the incident occurred.
Ship Eleftherios Venizelos then set alight after a car parking compartment caught on fire, although what exactly caused it is being investigated.It was then forced to return to the port of Piraeus before the blaze was tackled.
Passengers onboard were then evacuated when it made it back to the island. Fire crews could be seen spraying water jets as the huge flames lit up the night.

Thankfully the fire was safely put out by the emergency services.

All 876 people onboard disembarked successfully and no passengers were reported to be injured. The 141 crew onboard were also able to get off the ship unharmed.