1Healthy & delicious

Breakfast is definitely the most important meal of the day, a great source of energy to start an exciting day full of experiences and new adventures!The high nutritional value and the quality of the Mediterranean products, along with their tradition and experiential character makes Greek breakfast very special.
Although varying from places, the Greek breakfast never fails to pair the abundance of tastes and aromas with the values of simplicity, clarity and purity.
Greek breakfast ingredients are classified as follows:
Bread, pastries, buns – Cheese, yoghurt, traditional yoghurt, butter, sour milk, etc – Cold cuts, meat – Honey, sesame bar, tahini – Local traditional marmalades – Olive oil and olives – Eggs (boiled, fried, omelets) – Pies (cheese pies, green pies, etc) – Local sweets – Fresh fruit, juices, fruit salads, seasonal vegetables, local or biological – Warm traditional soup (frumenty, pulses, etc) – Cereals (wheat, frumenty, etc) – Herbal drinks – Greek coffee. Click the next ARROW to see the next image!