Athens born Mötley Crüe musician Tommy Lee has called for an end to donkeys and mule rides in Santorini, sending a letter to the Greek government to officially cease the practice of using the animals as “taxi rides.”.

“I’m honored to have been born in Athens, and wherever I tour with Mötley Crüe, I proudly proclaim my Greek heritage,”. “But there’s an issue souring the reputation of Greece that I hope you’ll help resolve: the sickening abuse of broken-down donkeys and mules made to lug tourists up steep hills on Santorini.”.
In a letter to Greek parliament member Makis Voridis, Lee notes that during a trip to Santorini, he witnessed many donkeys and mules struggling with weight and luggage, which he claims, “still haunts me.”.

“I was especially angry to learn that a law passed just a few years ago to help the donkeys, isn’t being enforced,” Lee says in the letter,
ATourists pile on to struggling donkeys, who are forced to carry humans up and down the 500 steps from the port to Firá’s old town several times a day.”.