The church of Panagia Kakaviotissa has been named one of Greece’s most unique and beautiful churches. Located on Lemnos island, in the Aegean sea!This Greek Orthodox church is famous for not having a roof and for being built inside a cave. The hard-to-access location of the church in the midst of cliffs and on top of a mountain, was founded in 1,416 A.D.
The church used to be a shelter for monks. The hidden gem has a striking location from where it offers an impressive view to the sea and the mountainside of Lemnos.
The best time to visit is in evening when the chapel is flooded by natural light.
It requires a 20-minute walking through a dirt road from the end of the asphalt road, which is why this chapel is a frequent hiking destination on the island.

You can access the church by walking through a path from the main road that leads to the top of the mountain.  The scenery and the view from the top are breathtaking and a must for spiritual enlightenment. Source: