A modern day Hachiko in Nafpaktos found a new home next to the shrine that was placed on the national road where his boss was killed.

A shrine is built to act as a remembrance of a traffic accident victim, but they are often also made to publicly thank a saint for a benefit.
The story of Hachiko is known all over the world. The dog who stayed for years waiting for his boss who passed away, even inspired Hollywood.
They are not called man’s most loyal friend, for no reason, as they constantly demonstrate how much love they have for their owners. The same thing is happening with the dog in Nafpaktos town.According to nafpaktianews.gr, 40-year-old Haris found a tragic death on the Old Ring Road on the River Evinos about a year and a half ago. It was also mentioned that a while ago his brother had lost his life in a car accident as well.
Residents of the area report that Haris’s dog was at the point of the accident, 12 kilometers from the man’s home, and has remained there since.

For one and a half years and despite the efforts of some to accommodate him, the dog returns to the point of the accident.

The residents in the surrounding area bring him food and water, and they are touched by the dog’s persistence of staying beside his boss.