Yogurt has always held a special place in the Greek diet since ancient times. In fact, ancient Greeks called it oxygala, and it was a food that they loved.Traditional Greek yogurt is made from cow’s or sheep’s milk and contains valuable bacteria which has a positive effect on the entire digestive tract and system.
These good bacterias include the Lactobaccilus, which research has shown to have cancer-fighting properties. Greek yoghurt also enhances digestion, provides all of the nutrients of milk (protein, carbohydrates, calcium, phosphorus, vitamin B).This is why it’s by far an all-round superfood that is loved worldwide!Greek yogurt is considered a superfood partly because it provides more protein than regular yogurt. A 170 gram (six ounce) serving of Greek yogurt
..has as much protein as 85 grams of lean meat, which makes it a great alternative source of protein. Plus, it’ll keep you fuller for longer than regular yogurt will.

If you are wondering how you can include Greek yogurt to your diet, it’s a great breakfast option, so you can add it onto your cereal or fruit.

For a healthy snack there is nothing better than Greek yogurt with honey and walnuts and don’t forget Tzatziki dip, which is made with Greek yogurt!