Despite the financial crisis and a bad name for too many protests,

Greece remains a very attractive country, not just tourism-wise, as a new report conducted by a USA university and a consumers’ rights firm shows.Greece ranked 28th in the world among countries considered to be best for 2018,
with the criteria ranging from overall qualities, impressions that contribute to the development of trade, investment and tourism, and the international economy.The country scored particularly high in Cultural Heritage (3rd), Adventure (5th) and its Influence on Culture (15th).
More than 21,000 respondents were asked to evaluate 80 countries by ranking them according to 65 different attributes.
Switzerland was in first place in the overall ranking of the best countries for 2018 followed by Canada, Germany and the UK.

The top 10 was completed by Japan in fifth, followed by Sweden, Australia, the USA France and the Netherlands.