Greece is the 10th largest global force regarding tourism among OECD countries, according to an OECD report titled “Tourism Trends and Policies 2018″.

Reports revealed that 28 million tourists arrived in Greece in 2016, 7.5% more than 2015.
Overnight stays amounted to 193.4 million, 2.9% more than in 2015, while the number of cruise passengers remained steady at 5.1 million.
According to the report, the gross added value of tourism in Greece in 2016 amounted to 9.6 billion euros, representing 6.4% of the national gross value added and supporting 366.000 jobs, ie 1 in 10 jobs in Greece.
In terms of direct contribution of tourism to the each country’s gross domestic product (GDP), the rate in Greece exceeded the average OECD average (4.2%), while its contribution to employment in Greece is projected to reach 10%.
The hospitality industry provided work to 365,892 employees, the food sector 72,238 positions, the transport sector 261,484, in the rental of vehicles 3,921 and in the tourist offices and the travel booking industry 20,872.
The budget of the Ministry of Tourism in 2016 amounted to 49 million euros, of which 26 million derived from the regular budget (EUR 10 million from state resources) for promotional activities and 13 million from European co-financing.