This Christmas marks a year since the lost of the Pop icon. With a career that spanned over three decades and a fan base that adored him,

George Michael’s instantly recognisable voice, often described as the voice of an angel, and unmistakable melodies are part of the soundtrack to our lives.Alongside his best friend & Wham band mate Andrew Ridgeley, one of the most loved and popular Christmas songs 33 years ago, that he passed away on Christmas.
For the past couple of weeks Andrew has been urging fans around the world to help make ‘Last Christmas’ number one this year in commemoration.Unfortunately, the song has taken third place in the Christmas charts.
At a more local level, devoted fan and event promoter Andrew, the first person to create a Facebook tribute page a day after the  singer’s untimely death,
…has organised the ultimate homage, a George Michael Tribute Show to be held in Sydney this Friday 29th December.