Karon Grieve took an amazing selfie showing row after row of empty seats on the Jet2 flight from Glasgow (Scotland) to Crete Island in Greece.

The 57-year-old from Dunlop, Ayrshire, was told at check-in that only three people were booked on the end-of-season flight.But after the duo failed to show up, Karon was treated like an A-lister and given a free meal and given choice of any seat on the plane.
The pilot gave her a personalised commentary on the flight, addressing her over the intercom by name and pointing out which countries they were flying over.And after landing in Crete Island, Karon managed to avoid long waiting times for her luggage – after being handed her suitcase right from the plane.
Speaking today from Crete, Karon said: “When I went to the check in desk we were actually having a joke about how many people were on the flight because last year when I was away there was only eight people on the flight.
“He asked me to guess so we started this guessing game, starting at ten and working our way down. “We then got down to three as there were another two people who were booked on the flight but they didn’t show up.