Fira is located on the top of a cliff and has an absolutely breathtaking view of the Aegean Sea. It lies just 300 meters above the sea and it is forbidden to drive in Fira’s streets because of its dangerous landscape, although this fact contributes to the natural city’s beauty and charm.
A walk to the cobblestone little alleys of Fira will make you believe that this city is taken from a fairy-tale book. It has beautiful white churches with blue big domes and it is really famous about the wonderful sunset.
From the cliff you can have a magical of the Mediterranean sea and when the sun goes down you will have one of the most amazing sights of your life.Of course don’t forget to visit some of Fira’s main museums. Firstly, the Prehistoric Museum of Thira, which presents interesting prehistoric copies.
Another interesting museum is Folklore Museum you will be able to learn about the main features of Santorin’s inhabitants’ the traditions and customs. As you can see the beaches isn’t the only place you can visit in Santorini. There are many things to do and to see in this absolutely gorgeous island.