The Institute of Marine Conservationhas confirmed that the famous Seal of Samos is dead. The friendly animal has found a violent death with a shot gun.

The  Seal had found shelter on the island at a young age. She was cheering tourists and locals as she loved sunbathing on sunbeds. Locals called her “Argiro”. The seal had disappeared from the area a couple of months ago.
The body of a violently  Mediterranean Monk Seal – Monachus-Monachus – was washed ashore at Marathokampos beach on May 24th.
The Port Authority of Karlovasi has already opened a file for the case, prosecuting authorities on Samos are also aware of the case.Monk seal ‘Argiro’ appeared at the Gagou beach in the north natural harbor of  Samos at a young age in 2014. Archipelagos researchers estimated she was a baby seal that for some reason left the flock or she simply got lost.
She enjoyed a great pleasure soaking in the sun on her favorite beach sunbed.